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Chipotle BBQ

Tomatillo & Jalapeno

Smoked Jalapeno

Chipotle & Cayenne

Gran Humo Negro

Habanero & Mango

Habanero Roja

Bhut Jolokia

Spicy Sanchez "aka" Hell Sauce





Chipotle BBQ

Chipotle & Cayenne

Smoked Jalapeno

Habanero Roja

Streets of Rage

Gran Humo Negro

Spicy Sanchez "aka" Hell Sauce

Hop Smoked Jalapeno






Nathan Moscato reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star
April 3 ·


Just ordered more sauces... We can't get enough!! Some of my favourites are the Tomatillo and Jalapeño, Chipotle BBQ and my wife loves the Habanero Roja. Delivery is always on time and packed perfectly. Thanks!

Chuckie Lund reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

Just had this hot sauce at a awesome restaurant #ToucheHombre in Melbourne so off to Melbournealia to load up on the smoked before we head home tomorrow.

Charlie Smith reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

Bought some Chipotle and Cayenne from Leo's yesterday afternoon, Thought I'd give it a whirl.

If you could just go ahead and hook it up to my veins.....that'd be great.

Gary Alaina Rayner reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

Amazing sauces and very fast delivery, staff seem like lovely people to. First time trying them tonight and I gotta say I'm very impressed, particularly with the habanero roja sauce, it's so well balanced and the heat is perfect for my tastes.
Excellent, won't be going with out a Melbourne hot sauce in my pantry!

Nigel Tan reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

Habanero Roja is the best hot hot sauce! I've tried so many from all around the world and I used to live on the same street this was made!

Robert Shannan reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

Speed of delivery and quality of the products were outstanding........the Bhut Jolokia certainly packs extra punch and will only be consumed in future if I have a day off following lol

Andrew Patton reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

Not just local, but really great hot sauce! The Habanero Roja is a great heat with great flavour, the pick of the bunch!

Adam O'Neill reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

Ripper hot sauces. Bhut Jolokia has great heat and flavour, a burn you just keeps you coming back for more. The Chipotle and cayenne is a taste sensation.

Kevin Roberts reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

I bought a bottle of the Bhut Jolokia at a chilli festival and it is the absolute finest pepper sauce I have ever tasted. Great work.

Luke Hansen reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star
March 1 ·


Always got some of these bad boys in the fridge, only problem is when they run out!

Lex Booth reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

I have a fridge full of hot sauces trying to find the best. It has been found in Chipotle and Cayenne from MHSCO. Just received 9 bottles in the post. I am VERY happy Richard. I was trying Dry July until I tried the Habanero Roja - WOW

Martyn Hart reviewed Melbourne Hot Sauce5 star

Freaking ridiculous! The smoked Jalapeño is amazing!!

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